hg38hg.com The value of sapphires, just like other gemstones, is determined through the following:
Carat Weight
In sapphires, the price per Carat is affected by the gem's Carat weight, and any gem with more than 15 carats is already considered rare. Since large-sized sapphires are more rare than smaller sized ones, the Carat value increases disproportionately. To illustrate, a five Carat sapphire costs significantly more than the combined prices of five one Carat gems of the same quality.
Freedom From Inclusions
Though the clarity of sapphires is less than the clarity of diamonds, it is important that light can pass freely through the gem. A gem that achieves this is free from inclusions, a trait that increases the value of the stone.
Shape & Cut
When looking at cut sapphires; one should examine the gem's symmetry and polish conditions. Facets should be aligned and neither surface pits nor polishing lines should be visible. Because of carat weight lost through crystal cutting, cut sapphires cost more than rough crystals. Common sapphire cuts include ovals, cushion, emerald cuts, hearts, pear, marquise and cabochons.

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