hg38hg.com Antique Cushion Cut
A stone that is cut to look like a rectangle or square with its edges rounded. It is often multi-faceted to provide the highest light refraction possible
This has taken its roots in ancient astrology wherein a type of precious stone symbolizes each month of the year. This has changed over the years but the most current and common list was prepared by the Jewelers of America in the 1950s.
This refers to a small-domed shape cut of a precious stone in a round, oval, rectangle, triangle, or teardrop shape without any facets. This term has its roots in the French word caboche meaning a knob or small dome.
Cavity filling
This refers to filling of cavities to improve clarity.
Fracture Filling
This refers to the use of oil or resin to fill out fractures in a gemstone.
The term refers to a finished piece of jewelry complete with gemstone and/or engraving and is waiting for the center stone. This is the usual way of selling pieces to allow flexibility on the buyer to add a center stone to his or her liking.

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