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hg38hg.com Can gemstones be mixed with jewelry?
It is not advisable to mix them. For example, diamonds may scratch rubies, sapphires, or emeralds. Just to be safe, be sure that jewelry and gems do not touch each other.
What is the general caring and cleaning rules for my gemstones?
There are various ways of taking care of your gemstones. After taking your gemstone jewelry off, it is important to wipe them using a clean, soft and slightly damp cloth. When storing, it is necessary to place them in separate pouches. Do not expose to salt water or harsh chemicals such as detergents or chlorine. Do not subject to temperature changes.
According to my jeweler my ruby gemstones had been treated, how do I take care of them?
From the time of their extraction, natural gemstones are commonly treated or enhanced based on traditionally accepted practices by the jewelry industry. Usually, these treatments and enhancements affect the cleaning process for your gem. Thus, the best option is to consult your jeweler for more information taking care of enhanced gemstone jewelry.
Is it advisable to use ultrasonic cleaners on my ruby gemstones?
Do not use ultrasonic cleaners on your ruby. Also it is not advisable to use it on other gemstones such as amber, coral, emerald, turquoise, tanzanite , kunzite, lapis lazuli , opal or pearl . The vibration when using this type of cleaner may loosen the stones. It would also be better to consult your jeweler for the best cleaning procedure for your gemstone.
When I prepare for work in the morning, I usually put on my ruby gem before spraying perfume, is this fine?
It is better to apply all cosmetics such as perfumes or colognes before putting on your colored gemstones. Hair spray, perfume and perspiration may contribute to the dulling of your jewelry.
What effect would chemicals have on my gemstones or jewelry?
Harsh chemicals such as chlorine or detergents may erode the polish or finish of gemstones.

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